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Do Your “Home” Work

The Denninger Report  - by Gini Denninger

Ready to buy a house! Its an exciting time for most people. Here are some suggestions to make this big step fast, easy and enjoyable.

Find a Realtor®
Yes, you can find the houses yourself on line, but did you know many of the national websites often have old information? More than once I’ve fielded questions about listings sold months earlier or were otherwise no longer on the market. Quite often listings are down-loaded by primary sites to other sites, without listing agents having anything to do with it. Some of the sites don’t automatically update since they don’t have access to our MLS. If you want fast and accurate information you need to work with a Realtor®. Try one, they don’t bite, and usually will not cost you a penny!

People tell me they would rather work directly with the listing agent, since then they can offer less because the owner will be paying less in commission. Wrong! The commission is agreed to prior to listing. The listing broker pays the buyers agent out of their agreed upon commission. In fact, if you opt for the Listing Agent to handle the deal, you are un-represented, since by law, they represent the owner - NOT you.

Find a Realtor®... again
This means work with one Realtor®. If you think you will speed up the process by stringing several along to work for you, you are mistaken. They all have access to the same information. If you insist on doing this, at least let the agents know. Don’t be surprised when one or more bow out, since they know working with you is gambling their time and resources away. I prefer to work with people that I can trust as much as they trust me.

Everyone has an opinion!
If you begin working with a Realtor® and are not satisfied, tell them and find someone else. Ask family, friends and even neighbors for recommendations!

Communicate with your agent
It is really hard to represent people that are not communicating. The Realtor® needs to get to know you and your needs. Based on what they learn from you, they can refine their search engine to find properties suitable to your likes and needs as they come on the market.

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