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Why We Move

With inventory at record lows, we polled our Local Real Estate PROs about the factors that occur for people to list their home for sale.

Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Divorce
    - This situation can get messy for obvious reasons.

2. Upsizing
    - Honey - We need more space!

3. Downsizing
    - This house is just too big for us.

4. Job Relocation
    - Show me the money!

5. Schools
    - Your first home is what it is - a first home. Families grow and the right school district can make all the difference.

There were other factors mentioned like Upgrading or Wanting a Better Home, Taxes, No More Stairs and our favorite, that we heard more than once, I HATE MY NEIGHBORS!

If any of this sounds familiar to your situation, maybe it's time to think about putting your home on the market?

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