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Welcome to Brockport, NY
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Two things dominate life in Brockport. First is its location on the Erie Canal. The village, in fact, calls itself "The Victorian Village on the Erie Canal." This beautiful area is defined by historic homes and a well developed, recently remodeled, canal area. The canal front hospitality program includes a Welcome Center where volunteers greet boaters and visitors and provide all they need to enjoy their stop in Brockport - from fresh coffee and a shower to free internet and laundry facilities. The second predominant feature of life in Brockport is the State University located here. As a college town, the culture is continuously enriched by students and faculty, making the village rich not just in history, but academics and the arts as well.

Good to Know
The Brockport Fire District offers fire protection as well as Ambulance Service; and the Brockport Police Department provides 24-hour patrols in the village. Seymour Library is located at 161 East Avenue (585) 637-1050

Local Museums & Landmarks
Morgan-Manning House, at 49 State St., is a 19th-century homestead that was the site of a fire in 1964. It has been restored and now has a team of volunteers who maintain the house and its furnishings exactly as they looked in the 19-century. Morgan-Manning House is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Who Lives Here

Obviously, this being a college town, there are a number of students who live here, both on campus and off. Professors also reside locally, enjoying the ambiance of a classic upstate NY town. Families are drawn to Brockport for its well-ranked school district, located on a large campus in the center of town which houses all grade levels in several buildings.


Quaint shops dot the Main Street area, providing a locally owned bookstore, gift shop, restaurants and more. The students of SUNY Brockport help support a strong village merchant district that adds to the charm of the village. There are florists, fitness clubs, hair salons, computer stores and more.

Recreation & Entertainment

SUNY Brockport provides the majority of entertainment to the village. Well known for its nationally acclaimed arts program, there is a constant offering of dance programs, theatre, concerts, lectures, art shows, poetry and more. Local pubs often feature music, and a number of eateries serve the area.

Transportation & Traffic

Lake Road (Rt. 19) runs directly through the village of Brockport, where it is called Main Street.  Clark Street, Holley Street, South Avenue, and a variety of others are among the major village roads, with the Erie Canal dissecting the village

Pros & Cons

On the plus side, this is a college town; on the minus side, this is a college town - depends on your point of view.

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