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Welcome to East Rochester, NY


East Rochester is only one and a half square miles; and yet it is one of Monroe County's best-known areas. Using the slogan, "the greatest little town in the world," East Rochester has forged a big reputation for offering affordable housing, strong neighborhoods, and an involved community that supports its own. Nestled snuggly between Pittsford and Perinton just beyond the City of Rochester, the town/village is in a prime location to enjoy all that Monroe County has to offer while still maintaining its own distinct identity.

Who Lives Here

Residents of East Rochester are a tight-knit group. They live in densely populated neighborhoods and fiercely support family life. Parents gather on ball fields and at school from the time their children are quite young. The district begins instruction at pre-kindergarten and the town offers junior leagues in soccer, football, baseball, softball and cheerleading.


For being such a small town, East Rochester boasts a business district that has just about all you need - a bakery, body shop, hairdresser, jazz lounge, Wegmans, fast food and fine dining, and more. Clearly, with its close proximity to the City of Rochester, all you could need is at your doorstep.

Recreation & Entertainment

East Rochester has long been known for its restaurants, with a reputation for hosting some of the finest and oldest Italian establishments in the region.

Transportation & Traffic

Rt. 31F (Fairport Road) is the main access road into East Rochester, with Washington Street and West Commercial Street serving as the two most traveled roads. Traffic can get heavy at times, caused by local residents as they go about their daily routines, and by commuters who are passing through East Rochester to Linden Avenue and beyond. Easy access to I-490 provides a simple process for traveling across the county and beyond.

Pros & Cons

Considered its strongest asset by most residents, the size of East Rochester is notoriously small; but its spirit is huge. If a small community with very involved parents working hands-on with school officials and neighbors is what you seek, East Rochester is a good bet!

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