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Welcome to Penfield, NY


The Town of Penfield is a lovely place. Residents and town leaders have always valued the history inherent in the region as well as its natural beauty while keeping an eye to the future. In fact, the town motto is “Town of Planned Progress.” Hiking trails abound here, with areas designed for serious athletes, casual strollers, even children; and Irondequoit Creek, which runs through Penfield, offers canoeing and kayaking from LaSalle’s Landing.

The Four Corners area is the historic center of the community, with Schaufelber Park, beautifully landscaped, surrounded by charming historic buildings which house locally owned shops and restaurants. Neighborhoods are, for the most part, made up of upscale houses with long, sprawling lawns; and the large school district, notable for its well respected music program, provides the central core to life in Penfield.

Who Lives Here

Penfield is a sprawling suburb, encompassing some forty square miles and housing nearly too many parks and hiking trails to count. It’s home to upscale households that enjoy the wide-open spaces; and with a well-respected school system, families abound here.


The Four Corners of Penfield (Five Mile Line Rd. and Penfield Rd.) provide a village-like shopping and gathering spot for locals. Penfield Road features several fast food locations as well as a Wegmans store. Panorama Plaza, BayTowne, and others offer a variety of stores to explore along with restaurants, hair salons, gift shops and more.

Recreation & Entertainment

Outdoor activities abound in Penfield, so it lends itself to an active, health-conscious lifestyle. Community sponsored events finds residents gathering for concerts and theatre presentations; and a number of party houses and country clubs as well as restaurants provide plenty of local dining opportunities.

Transportation & Traffic

Routes 250 (Fairport Nine Mile Pt. Rd.), 286 (Atlantic Ave.) and 441 (Penfield Rd.) serve as the main thoroughfare to get about the town of Penfield, supported by Salt and Plank roads and Five Mile Line Road.  I-590 and I-490 are nearby, each offering Penfield exits.

Pros & Cons

With its meandering lawns, golf courses and multitude of well-maintained parklands, the region invites residents to get out and enjoy their surroundings. Due to its sprawling nature, there is often a commute involved to visit with friends.

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