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Welcome to Riga, NY


The sprawling Town of Riga is thirty-five square miles and sparsely populated. Churchville is the largest village in the township and that is where you’ll find a variety of shops and restaurants. The general region is largely rural, with quite a bit of undeveloped property available for purchase. Many working farms can be found here with several offering local produce at their stands. There is ample opportunity to enjoy all manner of outdoor activities; and Churchville County Park provides a lovely place to relax and enjoy the view.

Who Lives Here

The people of Riga are content with enjoying the simple life. They settle here because the region provides lovely homes - new and old - to raise a family in; each with plenty of land to enjoy and few distractions.


Several restaurants are located along Buffalo Road, and in the village of Churchville providing everything from pizza to fine dining. There are also gift shops and such located here. However, for most of your larger shopping needs, you'll find yourself heading to neighboring towns. Fortunately, I-490 makes the trek to both Rochester and other points in the county a simple manner.

Recreation & Entertainment

The youth of Riga love their sports. Nearly everyone participates, bringing families and the community together. Golf and hiking/hunting/fishing also is plentiful in this area for adults and youngsters to enjoy. There are a variety of local eateries, mostly in Churchville, where locals gather frequently for a meal and some neighborly conversation.

Transportation & Traffic

While I-490 crosses through the center of Riga, the rural nature of Riga makes traffic fairly light in the area. Main streets that support the traffic here include Chili Riga Center, Churchville Riga, Riga Mumford, Buffalo, and Bangs Roads; and Washington Street.

Pros & Cons

Riga provides an opportunity to get back to the simple life. There's still plenty of vacant land to build on here, and homes often include extra acreage. You may have to plan extra time to meet your shopping/entertainment needs, as traveling a few miles may be necessary.

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