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Welcome to Webster, NY
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Webster, "Where Life Is Worth Living” - the town motto just may say it all! Bordered on two sides by water – Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay, this large suburb provides its residents with over 35 square miles of spacious environments. As proof of how seriously the people of Webster take their motto, they recently purchased over a thousand acres of land to be developed for hiking and recreational use in the future.

Active locals participate in all manner of local organizations from theatre guilds to swimming and snowmobile clubs, resulting in neighbors reaching out to each other and forming strong bonds. Whether one’s residence is on the water where sunset views make a spectacular ending to every day or on a sprawling meadow surrounded by scenic farmland, life is, indeed, worth living in Webster.

Who Lives Here

Webster is home to a large number of families who reside in upscale neighborhoods as well as to many seniors who love the convenience of low-maintenance properties and the wealth of activities provided by the town. Some residents find the many historic homes and old farmhouses irresistible; and others find the wide-open rural nature of the region a major draw.


For variety, you can’t beat Webster. There are several waterfront areas providing scenic dining and opportunities for boating fun; apple farms and cider mills; farm markets and major shopping centers. There’s a Wegmans grocery store and just about any service you might need within the town borders – everything from boat repair to gift shops and more.

Recreation & Entertainment

Named “Number 1 Sportstown in New York” by Sports Illustrated, it’s no surprise that Webster is focused on athletics. Webster houses two lighted stadiums, a hockey/soccer complex, an indoor track and Olympic size indoor pool. There’s more to the town than sports, however. Several major restaurants can be found here as well as nightclubs, pubs, and movie theatres.

Transportation & Traffic

Rt. 104 is the central route in and out of Webster, providing easy access into the City of Rochester and to the highway system that surrounds Monroe County. Ridge Road is the main thoroughfare through Webster while Lake Road offers a scenic route on the shores of Lake Ontario, and Empire Blvd. follows along Irondequoit Bay.

Pros & Cons

Life in Webster is good. There is a natural appreciation of what really matters here, and great attention is paid to the youth of the region – even providing them with a skate park! The cost of buying a home in Webster can be high; but property values are solid.

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