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How Many Boxes Do I Need?

Each household is different and has diverse moving needs. For instance, if you have a large book collection, you’re likely to have far more smaller boxes. If you are a “collector” or “pack-rat”, also suggests you’ll need a lot of boxes similar to those who have been living in the same place for a long time.

To save money on moving boxes you can buy them in bundles. Most self-storage, moving companies, and truck rental places sell boxes in bundles. Some even have moving bundles for the number of rooms you’re moving that include a variety of boxes, moving tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, markers and other items.

It’s important to know the return policy on moving boxes. It’s better to purchase extra boxes and not need them than run out when you’re in the moving process. Knowing you can return boxes takes the worry out of having too many.

Here are some suggestive box quantities as a guide:

1-2 Rooms
9 Small Boxes
5 Large Boxes
2 Cell/Dish Boxes
2 Wardrobe Boxes
1 File Box Per File Cabinet

3-4 Rooms
15 Small Boxes
8 Medium Boxes
9 Large Boxes
4 Cell/Dish Packs
3 Wardrobe Boxes
1 File Box per File Cabinet

5-6 Rooms
24 Small Boxes
18 Medium Boxes
12 Large Boxes
6 Cell/Dish Packs
5 Wardrobe Boxes
1 File Box per File Cabinet