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A Great Do-it-Yourself Option

Portable moving containers are becoming the most popular way to move from home to home.  Renting a moving container as part of your move means you can pack and unpack it at your own pace and forget the hassles of multiple car loads and driving of a moving truck.

The way portable moving containers work is simple. The company delivers the container to your location. You fill it with household items at your pace. The company will pick it up when you are done packing and take it to your new home or store it until you are ready to receive it at the new locations. When you are done unpacking the container, the company will pick up the empty container.

Portable moving containers come in several sizes to accommodate all types of moves. You may decide your needs are best served by renting more than one container. The companies that rent them may also be able to store them if you have a need between your move-out and move-in dates. They may also provide a service for packing the containers as well.

Although the container is secured with a lock you provide. Many companies that rent portable moving containers operate secure, climate-controlled storage facilities that protect your belongings from the damage that come from exposure to humidity and mildew.