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Questions To Ask
When Hiring Movers

When a moving company is walking through your home and giving an estimate it’s an ideal time to ask these questions below.

Ask for their registration number.
All legitimate moving companies will have a registration number. This registration number is a sign that they are a legal business and meet the standards and requirements of FMCSA / USDOT. On our site movers provide their registration and licensing information in their profile page.

Ask about how they determine their moving rates and what they are.
Some companies you will find go by how much weight there is and perhaps a distance rate. If you find that they go by anything else, for example, cubic feet, you should avoid them. This can be a way of overpricing their services if you are traveling a long distance with your items. You may find a suitable company that charges by the hour if you are only going a short distance. There are no surprises on our site, the hourly rates are listed for every moving company.

Ask if they subcontract their work out.
You may find that a lot of the larger companies will contract some of their work out to smaller companies. If you find this to be the case with the company you are contacting, ask them for the subcontractor's name that they will be using. If they are uncertain or have multiple ones that they use, ask for them to get back to you with the name(s). Typically, the companies will have this information available for those who ask about it. Do not hesitate to request specific subcontractors that you might be aware have good driving records or provide good service.

Ask about additional fees.
After receiving an hourly rate or estimate, you should ask about any additional fees that might be incurred. For example, some companies may require additional fees for very awkward items. You also might find that they will charge more if they have difficulty getting in to the new location or if there are stairs, etc. Make sure that you are well organized and have arranged for appropriate parking so that this does not become a problem for the movers.

If the movers are not going to be able to access the new or old premise with a large truck, you should make them aware of this upfront. This way, you receive an accurate estimate.

It’s one of the most important steps in this whole process. Ask them to provide detailed information about insurance; whether they provide it or not. Before you decide to purchase an additional insurance from the moving company, take a look at your homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Ask if there will be additional transfers of your belongings.
If you are moving a very long distance, you might find that the movers will move the items from one truck to another before reaching the destination. This increases the chances of having things broken or items found to be missing. If they do have intentions of doing this, ask if they will be taking measure to protect against water damage or anything in the course of the transfer. You should be made aware of this prior to signing anything with a moving company.