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Types Of Moves

The moving industry offers many options to choose from for you and your family regardless of size of your household. Some professional moving companies can take care of all your moving needs, you just need to give them the instructions. Other movers may provide only the more specific aspects of the move and you need to do other parts of the work yourself. Each type of service in relocation industry has its own costs and benefits. There are generally 3 main types of moving services available. In order to find out what kind of movers you should contact for moving assistance, you need to know the level of help that you will require.

Full-Service Movers
Full-service movers: the name says it all. You choose the company based on price, customer service, reliability, professionalism and reputation. Full-service professionals take care of all the supplies needed, packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your items at your final destination. Full-service movers will give you moving quote according to a list of items that you'll provide. This is the most convenient relocation option on the market available to you, but not the cheapest one. Full-service movers are fully licensed and insured professionals and they will also offer you different options to insure your belongings against damages during the move. These moving services are ideal for those people who have busy schedules and want to avoid all the hassles and problems associated with a move and spend more time with their families.

Self-Service Moves
This is a new type of moving. Self-service moves require you to pack your items and do the load and unload of your goods yourself while movers are only responsible for transporting your items to your final destination. You make arrangements with a transportation company and they will drop off a trailer or storage container in front of your home. Usually you have 2 days to load your belongings. When you're done, the transportation company picks up the container/trailer and delivers it to your new home. The price is usually based on the linear feet used and the distance transported. The transit time for out-of-state moves may vary anywhere from 2 to14 days depending on the distance and the size of your load. This type is ideal for small or medium size long-distance moves.

Do-It-Yourself Moving
This relocation service requires you to take care of the packing, loading, driving, unloading and unpacking yourself. Whether you are using a pick-up truck or a rental truck, getting help of friends or relatives, this is a chance to save some money! However, this moving option may not be suitable for many people depending on the schedule, size and the distance of the move. Yet this may be the least expensive option to relocate. When there are large amounts of furniture or valuable items, Do-It-Yourself Moving is less successful because of the greater chance of damage, not to mention the longer amount of time needed to complete the move. Please note that it requires hard work when you have to be physically capable of loading and unloading the moving van on both ends of the move.

Consider hiring extra help for large and heavy items by contacting a local moving company. This way you may hire the professional movers by the hour only for loading and/or unloading. Professionals with experience can also help you maximize the use of truck space when loading.