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Preparing For Moving Day

Moving day and the planning for it can really be stressful. There are so many things you have to do in a limited amount of time. One of the best ways to get organized is creating and following a moving day checklist. This list would itemize tasks that you’ll need to accomplish before the moving day arrives. Many of the tasks on your checklist can be done weeks in advance of your move date.

Whether you use a professional mover or move yourself the following will make the moving day go a lot smoother.

Start by getting rid of the clutter. Go through your home room by room and set aside all items that are not going with you and either donate or sell them. Be proactive and drop off items at local charities and consignment shops – get these items out and gone so you can focus on what’s next.

While sifting items to sell or donate you’ll most likely create a trash pile that will need to get out of the way. While you’re doing that remove any flammable and hazardous items and properly dispose of them. Remember a professional mover will not transport these items and you can’t transport them in a storage container either so have a plan for them.

Now that the clutter and trash is removed you have room to pack. We suggest packing one room at a time labeling all your boxes as you go. Make sure you don’t pack any documents connected to the move.

Make sure you have ample space for a moving truck or storage container delivery. Walkways should be clear before any moving help arrives so they can get in and out of easily. It’s helpful if you remove any screen doors, door mats, kid’s toys, plants and other items from the path of your movers.

It’s important to take care of your moving crew. Whether they are friends and family or professional movers show your appreciation by taking care of their meals and drink. Feeding everyone doesn’t have to be fancy meal, pizza and subs will do. Make sure you have lots of drinks available during the move, especially in summer months. Tipping professional movers is appropriate.