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Moving Containers Restricted Items

Not everything in your home can be put in the moving container. Most storage container companies will have restrictions that prevent you from using their container to store perishable and hazardous items.

Non-Storable Perishables
Perishables can’t be stored in moving containers because items will die or spoil while in transit. Perishables include, but not limited to:

§  Animals
§  Plants
§  Frozen Foods
§  Refrigerated Foods
§  Produce
§  Open Food Containers

Hazardous Materials
This means any material that is corrosive, explosive or flammable including but not limited to:

§  Fertilizers
§  Ammunition
§  Kerosene
§  Gasoline
§  Car Batteries
§  Nail Polish
§  Propane tanks
§  Paints
§  Motor Oil
§  Charcoal Lighter
§  Charcoal
§  Pool Chemicals
§  Bleach
§  Lamp Oil
§  Cleaning Supplies
§  Paint Thinner
§  Ammonia

Personal Items
While very safe and secure containers are no place for some personal items which include:

§  Cash
§  Safes
§  Jewelry
§  Insurance Policy
§  Financial Documents
§  Checkbook
§  Credit Cards
§  Birth Certificates
§  Personal Files
§  Health Records
§  Titles & Deeds
§  Laptop Computer

These and other sensitive items should be handled and transported by you during the move. If you don’t own a Sentry Safe now’s a good time to buy one and fill it.