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Mall Board History

QuestCom, Incorporated was founded in 1992 with an idea: develop a phone board kiosk where patrons could call an advertisement from the board for information or to arrange transportation.

initial Mall Board sketch
Our first boards were installed at the AMTRAK station and the RAMADA INN in Rochester, New York. Advertisers consisted of businesses that would benefit from being in front of this audience. However, we quickly discovered that advertising sales was not easy. (Ask us about the taxi cab company that refused free advertising.) Needless to say, these boards didn’t do too well.

Our next idea was to modify the kiosk and place it into a retail or mall setting. After a year of negotiations, we got approval from the Mall at Greece Ridge Center in Rochester, NY. Finally, the MALL BOARD, went from a simple sketch to reality.

October 1994

The Greece Ridge MALL BOARD is first installed as a phone board where patrons could call an ad, listen to their weekly special and print a coupon. They could even call the advertiser.

August 1995
Property Source is added to the MALL BOARD. Advertised homes had a 3-digit MALL BOARD number for people to "call" and /or print the details for that listing.

December 1995
Touch screens are added along with mall directories and a mall walkers program that kept track of people's laps and converted them to miles.

October 1996
The Eastview MALL BOARD is introduced. The new kiosk is outfitted with 2 touch screens, back-lit advertising, and racks for free publications.

September 2002
The Eastview MALL BOARD gets a makeover and a new look by SCALE 2 of Rochester, NY. The new Board is larger with more display area and more distribution racks for free publications.

January 2013
The Marketplace Mall gets it's own MALL BOARD to enhance coverage of the area's southern regions and features two tablets.

This Board covers Monroe, Livingston and Genesee Counties.

February 2014
Our newest MALL BOARD design by SCALE 2, is introduced to The Mall at Greece Ridge. This sleek and modern design features 2 tablets that allow the user to pull up the advertised listings on the internet.

This Board covers Monroe, Orleans and Genesee Counties.

October 2016
The Eastview MALL BOARD is reintroduced featuring our new design from SCALE 2.

This Board covers Monroe, Ontario, Wayne and the Finger Lakes region.

Zagpad Mall Board is owned and operated by QuestCom, Inc. with no affiliation to the malls.